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Your Complete SEO Services From Afadesigns

Showing up in search engines might sound low-impact to your marketing strategy, but in reality, it couldn’t be more high-impact. Google receives over 63,000 searches each second on any day of the week.With that many searches occurring, it’s crucial that your website shows up as a result when someone searches for something related to your business, products, or services. Otherwise, your competition could beat you to the punch when it comes to securing a customer. If you’re overwhelmed by the prospect of [...]

Web Design,A digital solution for Your business

Afadesigns Inc,The Best Web Design Agency Our website developers provide expert web application development and web design services to our clients. Afadesigns Inc offers a variety of website design and development services, from creating mobile web development solutions and responsive website designs, to building custom e-commerce and intranet experiences using the latest and proven web technologies. With up to 85% of consumers visiting company’s or service provider’s website before making a purchase, more and more consumers make decisions based on [...]

Professional web design at Afadesigns Inc

We offer professional web design services at affordable rates to help your business attract more visitors and keep them on your site! More than beautiful design, we build websites with a complete strategy designed to turn your site visitors into customers. As many as 82% of customers are doing online research before they contact you about products or services. Is your website doing enough to turn those researchers into buyers? We can help! We are passionate about making beautiful websites the [...]

Website as a business necessity for 2020

Websites have migrated from never thought of to a can't do without.Websites work. No matter what your business or profession, a website can generate business, promote goodwill among customers and prospects, and deliver strong marketing messages - whether your business is small, large or in-between, well-established or brand-new. People use the Web in greater and greater numbers, more and more every day. Even if you are a completely local small business, service, contractor or consultant, odds are people have used [...]

Internet of Things, Taking a new phase

Internet of Things encompasses everything connected to the internet, but it is increasingly being used to define objects that "talk" to each other. "Simply, the Internet of Things is made up of devices – from simple sensors to smartphones and wearables – connected together," "It's about networks, it's about devices, and it's about data," "IoT offers us opportunity to be more efficient in how we do things, saving us time, money and often emissions in the process," Ayuk Frank says. It allows companies, [...]

Application Development at Afadesigns Inc

 Application development company Afadesigns provides full-cycle custom web development services. Our experienced web developers deliver web apps of any  kind Afadesigns Inc  has extensive experience in creating high performing, digitally trans-formative and feature-packed native mobile applications for Android and iOS devices. Whether looking to create a mobile application for smartphones, tablets or both, Afadesigns Inc has your organization covered no matter the platform it is to be built on or device it is to be used in conjunction with. As experts at Application [...]

Digital Marketing taking a new phase in Cameroon

 digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. As mobile devices become an increasingly integral part of our lives, it’s vital that marketers understand how to effectively communicate on this unique and extremely personal channel. Mobile devices are kept in our pockets, sit next to our beds, and are checked constantly throughout the day. This makes marketing on mobile incredibly important but also very nuanced.From SMS and MMS [...]

Software Development Agency You Need

Afadesigns is a software development expert  agency in Cameroon. We focus on enterprise software development solutions for SMEs, offering software development both as a service and as a product. Our expertise as a software development company and leading enterprise developer in Cameroon has enabled us to work with business operating in different industries such as education, finance, agriculture and many more. Are you looking for a way to improve the way you interrelate with your employees, business partners, suppliers, clients, [...]

Graphic design with the Creative Branding Agency

We are a Creative Branding Agency and Graphic Design organisation  Our graphic design portfolio includes Logo Design, Strategy, Marketing, Web Design and Brand Identity. Below you will find some recent case studies from our happy clients.We make great design work happen with our global community of professional designers Logos and branding   the logo is a visual first impression for your brand. We’ve perfected the process of building unforgettable logos and branding. Graphic design High-quality infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than [...]

cybersecurity as a necessity In Our World Today

Cybersecurity risk is increasing, driven by global connectivity and usage of cloud services, like Amazon Web Services, to store sensitive data and personal information. Widespread poor configuration of cloud services paired with increasingly sophisticated cyber criminals means the risk that your organization suffers from a successful cyber attack or data breach is on the rise. Cyber criminals have always posed a threat. But today, the danger is greater than ever. As companies rely increasingly on the Internet for communications, data and transactions, so the criminals are being tempted by [...]