Internet of Things


Connected products, smart maintenance

With IoT, we expand things’ traditional roles and functionality, increase mobility and safety in numerous spheres of life and help businesses deliver better services:

  • Enhancing maintenance activities: predicting operational breakdowns and discovering more rational approaches to maintenance operations.
  • Optimization of device functioning and use: checking device productivity, adding new features to things and integrating these features with everyday operations, analyzing which features are actively used and need further development and investments and which components are not popular among customers and can be removed.
  • New revenue models: checking how connected things are used by customers to offer better cooperation options (for example, user-based pricing).
  • Using field data in research and development: uncovering big data potential and applying big data insights for business benefits.

A Better Health Care

With our long-term experience in healthcare IT consulting, we uncover new IoT opportunities to make patients more digitally connected to healthcare providers and lessen the burden of the latter by changing the approach to giving healthcare services. Just a couple of examples of how we can streamline traditional healthcare with IoT:

  • Real-time monitoring to take heart rate, measure blood pressure and sugar
  • Real-time alerting when dangerous variations from norms are observed
  • Identifying risks (for example, which patients are at risks of heart attacks) to take timely measures

Industrial Approach to IoT

We enhance traditional manufacturing with the IoT solutions that ensure more efficient process and staff management, help to improve quality control and increase safety, reduce costs, reveal inefficiencies, problems and threats and show the ways to fix them as early as possible.


We perfectly understand our customers’ concerns about IoT and gather best practices to address IoT challenges with as little pain as possible.

There is no out-of-the-box way to achieve "smart" behavior

…while smart behavior is a major source of ROI. We consider the specifics of every case to make our solutions really smart:

  • We always propose to gather information from various systems, both internal and external, to create a reliable base for smart behavior.
  • We develop control applications that manage things automatically and consider them an important element of our architecture

There is no out-of-the-box way to achieve "smart" behavior

Connected things generate huge volumes of data, which need to be securely transmitted and protected from cyber-criminals. At the same time, IoT is a relatively new phenomenon for security specialists, and it requires a circumspect approach. With our expertise in this field, we help our customers identify threats and fix security vulnerabilities.

Mobile user applications

Keeping in mind that mobile apps are an important part of the IoT ecosystem, we offer mobile consulting, UI/UX design, native (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) and cross-platform (Cordova/PhoneGap, Xamarin, React Native) development, mobile testing and integration with your corporate solutions.