Web & Cloud Security

Safe, Secure, Compliant Use of Cloud Applications

Secure your organization's use of cloud applications

Cyber criminals have always posed a threat. But today, the danger is greater than ever. As companies rely increasingly on the Internet for communications, data and transactions, so the criminals are being tempted by bigger prizes. The game of cat-and-mouse has stepped up a notch and criminals have changed strategy.

Rather than majoring on sending emails with viruses attached, they’ve found subtler ways to attract victims to come to them via the web. It’s the perfect cyber crime and system admins are struggling to keep up.

Mobile Device Threat Protection and Security Policy Controls

Use the cloud to protect your mobile users – wherever they are

  • Malware scanning and advanced threat protection defeats attacks targeting your user’s mobile devices
  • Protect sensitive business data from hackers and public views
  • Integration with responsive, scalable web applications

Website Security

Secure your website sensitive information from public view. Protection against hacks and malware attack.


Penetration Testing

Closing all possible entrances and infiltration leakage for your application



User access and control using authentication and firewall technologies